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Every SUPERDUPER hat is a unique, handmade piece that evolves with its wearer.

Just like our hats,no two stones in the world are the exact same.Carefully crafted over time, every groove tells a story that traces its origins back to nature and connects us to Earth. 

We stitch an earthpiece™ into every hat we make. These tiny works of art are small certified chips responsibly sourced from some of the most beautiful places around the world. Depending on the model you might find a sunstone, paesina stone, red jasper, turquoise, white turquoise, malachite, rhodochrosite or unakite gemstone nestled into the crown or brim of your hat.

The stone is our signature. It embodies the SUPERDUPER soul and spirit. And, it guarantees that the hat you have in your hands is an authentic SUPERDUPER creation.