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SUPERDUPER circles back to our roots with new TREE RINGS collection

Inspired by nature’s method of counting the years in a tree’s life, the new TREE RINGS collection also marks the years since our founding, 10 years ago. Alive with the experimental energy that led to the creation of SUPERDUPER back then, the new collection is characterised by custom details that bind us to the environment.

The new logo is woven into the collection in various ways, sometimes as a tiny detail in micro form; other times in macro to create a sort of pattern around the brim. And with trims that echo the irregular geometry of bark, each ribbon is manually blended to create a unique fading effect that surprises every time. Embracing earth tones and handmade details, the palette sits on a warm colour scale from dove, light tan and camel to moss and forest greens. The new TEN model gets its debut, while the popular OPEN is revisited with a seam that runs around the brim in 10 rotations, just like our own tree rings. There are also four hand-embroidered designs bringing their own layer to the narrative. Tree rings don’t just tell the age of a tree. They reveal the earth’s history.
In order to move forward, we circle back.