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Anatomy of the hat

The hat is mainly made by two different “parts”:
The crown (the top of the hat) and the brim.

The crown is the part where you fit the head to wear the hat and can have different shapes, forms or proportions. The brim, all around the hat, and can have different sizes depending on the purpose and the aestethic of the hat.

The main Crown shapes are:

1 FEDORA crown the most classic one, sharp and slim. Highly recommended for oval and long faces.

2 TEARDROP crown more strong and squared. Very good for squared faces.

3 ROUND crown Iconic and versatile, from the round crown you can have all the hat shapes possible by shaping it by hand. Good for every kind of face shapes.

4 WESTERN crown straight and strong, iconically uni

On every SUPERDUPER you will always find our trade mark: Earthpiece TM, a tiny natural stone stitched on the crown or on the edge of the brim for the “InPurezza” capsule.

You can have different brim size, from the small to the very wide ones.
The dimension of the brim is very important on an hat because is what gives harmony and proportion to the piece itself.
We consider SMALL Brims the size from 5 cm to 6,5cm. Our MEDIUM Brims are from 7cm to 9cm and the WIDE Brims from 9,5cm to the infinite.

The edge of the brim can be RAW, so leaved irregular and rough as the felt comes out from the mill, it can be CUTTED, so clean and sharp or taped with a gross-grain stitched “à la française” for a more refined and unique look.

Inside our felts you can find a natural viscose lining and two different types of sweatband depending if you choose a SIZED option or our ONE SIZE FIT ALL option.

The sized option come with the vegetal tanned leather sweatband in light natural color.

The OS option comes with a very soft elastic band that allow the fit to multiple head dimensions. From 56cm to 60cm circumference.

The pieces belonging to the “InPurezza” capsule they don’t have anything inside: no lining, no sweatband, a minimalistic approach to better experience the feeling with our top quality materials.