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Regular price€395.00 Sale price
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This shape now called "Benjamin" has many faces and shades during the years, has been named "Geronimo" or the "Roundness" but is one of the iconic blocks from SuperDuper. One of many artists favorite picks. Coming from a native american's vibe developed with many different tastes from the more "authentic" to the city vibe of it.

Like a blank page, every shape can be molded starting from the round crown.

The material used is rabbit fur felt which has a soft and pleasant touch even if the structure of the hat is stiff and not floppy.

A mix linen weaved gros grain, doubled with  bicolor rafia braid. 

Inside you can have the vegetal tanned calf leather sweatband in case you are picking the SIZED* solution or the elastic one if you are picking the ONE SIZE FIT ALL* version.

The hat is hand made in Florence, Italy with respect and consciousness of quality and making process.

72H Service

By guaranteeing shipment within 72 hours of order receipt, handmade in-house by young artisans, we avoid some of the pitfalls of fast fashion, such as unnecessary waste, excess inventory and unsafe working conditions. 

Premium Packaging

We use plastic-free recyclable packaging to get your order to you, and zero chemicals or toxins in our products. And by doing our best to combat overproduction, we are playing our part in reducing carbon emissions worldwide.

Fitting Experience

Schedule a video call with our team for a custom size hat or ask suggestion and tips on the style you like. Every ecommerce purchase is made to order at our internal production facility. Not only does this allow us to ensure the utmost in handmade quality, it is a response to the huge volumes of waste produced by the carelessness of traditional fashion ecommerce.