About C A S A M A R I N A L A B


Wood and sand,
turquoise blue and sun-burnt rope,
the sea seen from above
the white sails
the water when the sun rises
and everything has the color of gold the blinding white of the rocks at lunchtime the light scent of embers
The skin covered with a layer of shells

and pebbles smoothed by the sea and the wind Jim James's music, God’s Love to Deliver ....

About our collab

What’s new for this Superduper Winter collection? 

Veronica & Franco are two creative minds that we met many years ago and since then we always admired their works, which were going in many directions, but also for their vision of beauty and simplicity.

From our side we always thought about adding some special element to our hats.

When Veronica & Franco founded C A S A M A R I N A   L A B  we knew the moment for the perfect alliance was coming.

The viral project inspired by the Earth, container of styles, races, tribes and traditions gives homage to nature through the use of its elements like natural beads and stones, wood and sand.

You can discover more about C A S A M A R I N A   L A B  here.

Casamarina Lab.